Everything that can be done by us is also done by us!“


Welcome to the Burgermacher!

Already in 2008, a long time before the Burger hype became a big part of gastron-omy, “Die Burgermacher” Vienna’s first specialised burger restaurant opened its doors. Even though almost every restaurant has its own burgers on their menu card, we were able to distinguish ourselves from the crowd with high-quality organic ingre-dients, homemade sauces as well as a great variety of creative recipes.
Our young team tinkers monthly with great motivation on new seasonally adapted special burgers and also self-made drinks. Additionally, it is very important to us to create a familiar and comfortable atmosphere for our crew and especially for our dear guests.

We are looking forward to your visit!



Everything that can be done by us is already made by “die Burgermacher”.
Self-minced meat, ketchup prepared according to a specially developed recipe, home-made fries and freshly prepared mayonnaise with extra virgin olive oil grant our burgers the personal touch.
We receive our ingredients from selected suppliers with the highest standards of quality. The burger-bun is baked according to a traditional recipe from the organic bakery Schrott, the organic meat comes from small farms. The fact that burgers don’t always have to contain meat to taste special is proven by our vegetarian alternatives. Chickpeas, buckwheat, couscous, quinoa, cheese, nuts or tofu, combined with local as well as exotic spices, provide plenty of opportunities for our monthly changing vegetarian burgers.


Generell findet man auf unserer Speisekarte stetig Neuerungen. Wir legen großen Wert auf die Saisonalität unserer Produkte. Diese spiegelt sich auch, aber nicht nur in unseren kreativen Burgerkreationen wieder. Neben den traditionellen, stets per Hand geschnittenen Pommes gibt es wechselnde Spezialbeilagen für unsere Burger. Gegrillte Maiskolben mit hausgemachter Kräuterbutter, verschiedenste Beilagensalate, Coleslaw und blaue oder rote Pommes Frites werden nach saisonaler Verfügbarkeit und immer frisch für unsere Gäste zubereitet.

Natürlich darf nach einem Burger ein süßes Dessert nicht fehlen. Deshalb haben wir mit selbst gebackenem Cheesecake und saisonalen Dessert-Specials auch stets köstliche Leckereien für Naschkatzen auf der Karte.

Mindestens 25 verschiedene und ständig wechselnde Biersorten aus aller Welt findet man im beliebten Selbstbedienungskühlschrank. Natürlich stehen auch offene Weine zur Auswahl. Antialkoholisch servieren wir erfrischende, selbstgemachte Eistees und täglich wechselnde Haus-Limos, für die wir auch gerne mal in Omas Garten Früchte sammeln. Nach dem Essen darf es dann zum Abschluss auch gerne auch ein selbstgebrauter Bierlikör sein.



Classic Beef Burger 8,90 Euro
Organic Bun, Organic Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Salad,
Tomatoes, Dijonaise, homemade Ketchup

“Fleischeslust Burger” 9,90 Euro
Organic Bun, Organic Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Salad,
Tomatoes, Dijonaise, homemade Ketchup
+ crispy Bacon

Mexiko Burger 9,90 Euro
Organic Bun, Organic Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Salad,
Tomatoes, Dijonaise
+ spicy Tomato-Corn-Salsa & Sourcream


Pulled Pork Burger 11,50 Euro
Brioche Bun, Pulled Pork from Ötscherblick Pig,
Salad, Pickles, Red Cabbage, fried Onions

Winter Depression Burger 14,20 Euro
Brioche Bun, Dry Aged Beef Patty, Walnut,
grilled Hokkaido Pumpkin, creamy Truffle Savoy

Platzhirsch Burger 12,50 Euro
Brioche Bun, Deer Patty, Jus, fermented Pumpkin,
Cranberry-MAyo, Red Cabbage-Beet-Salad

Nikolo Burger 11,80 Euro
Bio Bun, grilled Goat Cheese with Spekulatius Crust,
Tangerine Cream, Treviso Salad

Starý Bohémský Burger 10,50 Euro
Organic Bun, grilled Hokkaido Pumpkin, Baby Chard, Cranberry Mayo,
Cauliflower Pancake, Cream Cheese Topping



Fried Onions 1,00 Euro
Jalapeños 1,50 Euro
Homemade Pickles 1,50 Euro
Cheddar Cheese 1,50 Euro
Crispy Bacon 1,50 Euro
Fermented Pumpkin 1,50 Euro
Grilled Avocado 1,90 Euro

Cauliflower Pancake 2,50 Euro
Grilled Hokkaido Pumpkin 2,50 Euro
Organic Beef Patty 2,90 Euro
Grilled Goat Cheese 3,50 Euro
Dry Aged Beef Patty 3,90 Euro
Deer Beef Patty 3,90 Euro

Brioche Bun Upgrade 1,00 Euro

Side Dishes

French Fries 3,90 Euro
with Homemade Ketchup

Spicy Krampus Pike 4,90 Euro
Grilled Vegetable Skewer with
Pepperoni, Corn, Pumpkin and Pepper

Coleslaw 3,90 Euro
American Coleslaw with Carrots
and Sourcream-Dressing

Winter Salad 3,90 Euro
Lettuce, Baby Chard, Red Cabbage, Beet,
Pumpkin, Walnut and Cranberry-Dressing

homemade Sauces

Ketchup / Mayo / Dijonaise / Cranberry-Mayo / BBQ Sauce 1,50 Euro



Homemade Cheesecake 3,90 Euro
with Salty Caramel Sauce

Dessert of the Week 3,90 Euro
according to Season

Additional, to the opportunity to enjoy our burgers in our restaurant in the Burggasse, it is also possible to take them home with you in our take-away-boxes. It is also a great feeling to sit down and have a meal in our cosy Schanigarten which we built in front of our restaurant.

Furthermore you can now make use of our event catering offer. You can book it and enjoy our unique burgers in the usual quality freshly prepared at your location. We are happy to receive your inquiries via info@dieburgermacher.at .

Opening hours:

currently also opened on Mondays for you!
Tuesday – Friday 17:00 – 23:00
Saturday 12:00 – 23:00
Sunday 12:00 – 22:00

We are on company vacation from 23.12.2018 until 07.01.2019.



appear personally:
burggasse 12, 1070 wien
phone: 0699 11 58 95 99
email: info@dieburgermacher.at